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Mike Diamond Six-Pack Series Races

Six-Pack Series Races

SLSC runs two series races annually: each consists of 6 races, one per month, that are scored as a series and whose trophies are Six-Packs of beer (hence the name, Six-Pack Series). The Summer Six-Pack runs from April to September, the Winter Six-Pack from October to March.  All races are Pursuit Start and run the same course, a.k.a., the Beer Can course.

Mike Diamond

The Series are named after Mike Diamond, its creator. Soft spoken and always a gentleman, Mike was an avid and accomplished racer -- he and his wife Lynn piloted their beloved Sloop John B to many victories in the club's racing program from 2015, when they joined, till his passing in 2024. Mike and Lynn's wins included the 2018 Commodore's Cup,  the 2019 Boat of the Year and numerous beer cans and Six Packs. An innovator, Mike proposed, advocated for and led the implementation of the Twelve (now Six Pack) series races that are a featured and favorite part of our current racing program.

Governing Policies

The Six Pack Series races are governed by the following policies:

  • Six packs are scored and trophied separately for the Cruising and Sonar fleets.
  • A boat is eligible to win a trophy only if it has participated in at least half the races in its fleet’s series
  • For trophies to be awarded to a fleet, two or more boats must start in at least 2/3 of its series races.

Series Scoring

A Six-Pack is scored as follows:

  • In each race, for finish positions 1-5, a boat’s score is its finish position; if a boat starts in a race,  but does not finish in the top 5, its score is 6; finally, if a boat misses a race, its score is 8.
  • If all six races in the series are run, each boat’s worst score is dropped and the remaining scores are added together to get its overall score; otherwise, the overall score is the sum of all of the boat’s scores.
  • The three boats with the lowest score each receive a six-pack of beer. Ties are broken by looking at the finish data details, e.g.: if two boats have the same score for first place but one had more firsts than the other, that boat gets first, etc.

Current / Historical Scores

Note: the Total column assumes one race is dropped, which, per the rules above, may not happen!!